Freitag, März 20, 2009

"Ein dringendes Menschenrechtsthema"

Der US-Schulinspektor Edward Hayes widmet sich der Frage, wieviel in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten international für Mädchen getan wurde, während die Jungen immer kürzer kamen. Ein Auszug:

In 1991, the prestigious, but goofy, American Association of University Women (AAUW) made a startling declaration: ‘Most girls emerge from adolescence with a poor self image.’ Researchers, all female, informed the body politic that the primary culprit here was the public school system in America. No one seemed to notice that at the time this assertion was loosed upon us that 85% of all public school teachers were women.

Consequently, after much ripping of garments and public self- flagellation, Congress passed the 1994 Gender Equity in Education Act which officially categorized girls as an ‘under-served-population,’ placing American womanhood on a par with other discriminated against minorities. Millions of dollars flowed into the coffers of thought-control institutions so they could look deeply into this heart-of-darkness. In 1995, at the UN 4th World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, the American delegation, chaired by Secretary of State Madelyn Albright, laid bare the educational and psychological deficits of American girls as a pressing human rights issue.

Man darf gespannt sein, ob und wann die Benachteiligung der Jungen genauso nachdrücklich angegangen wird.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Beitrag.

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