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Muss Gina-Lisa Lohfink 100.000 Euro zahlen? – News vom 18. Juni 2017

Gina-Lisa Lohfink darf laut Berliner Landgericht öffentlich nicht mehr ihre bisherigen Vergewaltigungsvorwürfe äußern. Einem entsprechenden Vergleichsvorschlag des Gerichts habe auch die 30-Jährige zugestimmt, sagte eine Sprecherin am Mittwoch. (...) Der Anwalt des Klägers, Christian Gerlach, kündigte jetzt eine Zivilklage gegen Lohfink an.

Der Stern berichtet.

2. "Die Brigade der Männerrechtler befreit sich vom Knebel der Medien" titelt der australische "Spectator:

Misogynistic, racist, homophobic. The men’s rights movement is often dismissed by the mainstream media as nothing more than a hate group - an assortment of angry chauvinists intent on forcing women into a life of servitude at the hands of men. I attended the annual International Conference on Men’s Issues, which was held on the Gold Coast over the long weekend, and tellingly, the mainstream narrative couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hier geht es weiter.

3. Währenddessen geht der Trend beim Feminismus exakt in die Gegenrichtung. Immer mehr Frauen erkennen, dass es sich bei dieser Ideologie keineswegs um die Engel des Lichts handelt, als die Feministinnen sich selbst präsentieren, und steigen aus dieser Bewegung aus. Eine dieser Frauen berichtet darüber in dem Artikel "Is Third Wave Feminism Ruining the World?" Ein Auszug:

In this blog, I want to discuss why Third-Wave Feminism seems to be ruining our planet. It has even been described as "cancer" online, which by the way, as someone who has lost several family members to cancer, I didn’t believe was a fair comparison when I first heard it. Three years and several articles and YouTube videos later ... and well ... Feminism just may be a disease like cancer. Why? Well, people tend to "catch" it, and they change ... and not in good ways. How do I know this? I almost became that person. Okay, so I probably totally became that person but I may still be in partial denial as to how bad I was.

Das Problem ist natürlich, dass Aussteigerinnen aus der feministischen Hassbewegung, anders als Aussteiger aus rechtsradikalen oder religiös-fundamentalistischen Gruppen über ihre Erfahrungen nur in kleinen Blogs berichten können, während Politik und Leitmedien dieser Bewegung weiterhin huldigen.

4. Dieses Problem spricht aktuell das populärwissenschaftliche Magazin "Psychology Today" an. Dessen Autor Mark Sherman berichtet:

I do not worry so much for my own sons, who range in age from 36 to 52, or even for my grandsons, who are being raised beautifully, and are doing just fine. But I worry for my gender. Everywhere I look, there are examples of how boys are seen as in need of re-shaping, and these inevitably upset me. Here’s an example of what can (and did) set me off: It’s a recent article by New York Times writer Clair Cain Miller, titled "How to Raise a Feminist Son". I have to admit that the title itself angered me. I have seen the word "feminist" become the new world order. To not be a feminist seems often to be equated with not being a decent human being. But suppose I have noticed, as I have, that while in so many ways girls and young women are doing better than boys and young men, men who fight for what they see as right for themselves and their sons are often labeled — by feminists — as misogynist.

The University of California-Los Angeles is offering to pay students to serve as "Social Justice Advocates" who will "educate" their peers about "systems [of] oppression." The Social Justice Advocates program seeks students who want to help their classmates "navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies," and comes with a quarterly stipend, the amount of which has yet to be determined.

Hier geht es weiter. Genderama berichtete mehrfach über ähnliche Entwicklungen an anderen US-amerikanischen Universitäten.

6. Weitere News findet man bei Geschlechterallerlei.

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