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Vermischtes vom 17. November 2015

1. Der SPD-Vorsitzende und stellvertretende Bundeskanzler Sigmar Gabriel erklärt, sein gemeinsames Ziel mit Bundeskanzlerin Merkel sei, dass im kommenden Jahr Zuwanderung nach dem Motto "Frauen und Kinder zuerst" organisiert werden müsse.

2. In Beirut opferte vor ein paar Tagen ein Vater sein Leben, um hunderte Menschen vor einem Selbstmordattentäter zu retten. Auch zett.de berichtet über Adel Termos.

3. Die britische Sunday Times veröffentlichte vorgestern einen Artikel über die als "Men Going Their Own Way" bezeichnete Bewegung, die mit einem Streik der Männer auf ihre Diskriminierung reagiert. Unter dem eben von mir angegebenen Link findet man allerdings nicht den vollständigen Artikel, so dass man sich über ein genehmigtes Vollzitat auf einer anderen Website behelfen muss. Einige Auszüge aus dem immens ausführlichen Artikel:

David Sherratt, 18, is a chemistry student at Cardiff University. He has never had a girlfriend and isn't planning on finding one. Not now. Not ever.

"Hook-up sex is too risky for words," he says. "Girls can wake up the next day and claim you raped them. I'm genuinely too scared to go near a woman — just in case. At university, I'm made to feel like a rapist all the time ... I've never had a relationship and I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. It's just too dangerous."

Neither does he see the point of marriage, since half of them end in divorce. "Marriage is like playing Russian roulette with three bullets in the cylinder" he says firmly. "I've never been interested in having kids since I learnt about the lack of fathers' rights. The whole system is stacked against men. Our generation has been screwed over by feminism. People might say it's sad, but I'm checking out."

It would be all too easy to scoff at David's comments and dismiss him as just another angry teenager. But an increasingly militant anti-lad culture in our universities, complete with sexual-consent classes, is causing young men such as David great concern. Rather than risk an emotional battering, they are simply giving up on women.

Far from being an isolated loner, he is part of a growing, global army of men, young and old, who have had enough of women altogether — they even have a name: men going their own way, or MGTOW (pronounced "mig-tau").

(...) The veteran campaigner Erin Pizzey, 76, is the founder of the women's domestic-violence charity Refuge, and in 1971 founded the first internationally recognised women's shelter in Chiswick, west London. Now, however, she believes it is men who are seeking refuge through MGTOW — and, controversially, she thinks it is women who have created the backlash against their own gender.

"MGTOW to me is a healthy movement," she says. "It's men taking power back because they have been rendered powerless in the past 50 years. There is a generation of men saying, 'I've been burnt, I'm dropping out.' We are in uncharted territory. As women made war with men, men are beginning to say, 'Maybe this war is liberating me. I don't have to be a wage slave in order to have a relationship with a woman.' "

(...) "We need to make women responsible for their behaviour. We have spent 40-50 years pretending that we can't say anything about women because we are victim-blaming. Until we get women to take responsibility, nothing is ever going to change."

That sentiment is echoed by Karen Straughan, a Canadian blogger and co-founder of the Honey Badger Radio podcast series, in which gender issues are regularly debated. Her GirlWritesWhat YouTube channel has 110,000 subscribers and 9m views.

"MGTOWs are resisted and hated because they represent a completely new paradigm where men's needs, interests and desires matter — because they do," she says. "We should protect men from exploitation by unscrupulous women and the system that enables them, not just because doing so is necessary to convince them to get back to the grindstone, but because men are part of the human community and deserve this protection from abuse and exploitation."

(...) This interpretation of MGTOW appeals to those who subscribe to the movement, but who also still have relationships with women. One such man is Ciaran Lovejoy, 21, a journalism student at Demontfort University who has been a MGTOW for about a year, but is in a happy, sexually fulfilling relationship — although he says he will never be trapped into having children.

"You can be a MGTOW and be in a relationship," says Ciaran, who also has a YouTube channel, Bread & Circuses. "I've been in a relationship for seven months and my girlfriend's OK with MGTOW. We have sex. I love her. It's not currently favourable for men to have children. If we split up, I would almost certainly lose my child, and if I couldn't afford to pay for it, I could face jail. Men have historically been seen as workhorses. We're disposable. Now we have the opportunity to reject that — to not be society's bitch."

(...) Does the MGTOW movement amount to any more than a posse of them getting together on the internet? Dean Esmay, the online activism director of the National Coalition for Men, a leading American men's rights group, insists that it does. He believes the brutal message of the MGTOWs has the capacity to end the gender war.

"Women need to have a conversation about this, and in a very serious way, because men are starting to hate them," he says. "This is a problem men and women need to fix together. Men can't do it on their own."

(...) Miles Groth, professor of psychology at Wagner College in New York, first became aware of it five years ago and has seen the movement flourish on campus.

"At first I was suspicious that this was middle-aged, unhappily married men who were divorced and angry," he says. "But now there is a downward drift into the younger guys. Due to the new politically correct atmosphere on US campuses, and widely circulated statistics such as one in five American college women will be sexually assaulted, the younger men are now being treated like dangerous sexual predators and suspects. This is an appalling situation."

(...) The MGTOW message is raw, visceral and, ultimately, heartbreaking. How did we get to the point where men want to retreat to caves and have sex with robots? Yet what amazed me most while researching this article was that every time I explained the MGTOW concept to a friend, they all knew one — they just didn't know they were called MGTOWs. One woman said: "I've got a male mate, a good-looking, well-paid accountant. He's athletic, a good catch, but he's given up on women. He reads about false-rape cases and he thinks sex isn't worth the hassle." Another added: "I know gay guys and women who do this, too. People are dropping out everywhere. Is there any wonder we're all single?"

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel von Martin Daubney. Eine stärkere Plattform als die "Times" dürfte die Männerrechtsbewegung in den britischen Printmedien kaum finden.

Auf ihrer Facebookseite kündigt Erin Pizzey in diesem Zusammenhang folgendes an:

I am going to be writing an article about the history of how the radical feminist movement have created an equally radical movement where MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is now becoming slowly powerful across the Western world. Normal women who want good loving committed relationships and children with men are losing out. Forty five years ago radical feminists stood up and screamed at men that they no longer wanted to be house slaves. Men are now standing up breaking their chains. They no longer want to be wage slaves or be shackled to family life. This is a new phenomenon. Who knows where it will lead.

4. Auch in den indischen Medien kann man wieder von den Protesten der Männerrechtler lesen – und von den Gründen dafür.

5. Das Deutschlandradio hat die Pädagogin Birgit Steiner interviewt. Steiner fordert eine "artgerechte" Erziehung für Jungen, die deren "biologischen Bauplan" berücksichtige.

6. Auf Geschlechterallerlei berichtet Maddes8cht von einem "sozialen Experiment" mit versteckter Kamera, bei dem ein vermeintlicher Belästiger scheinbar zusammengeprügelt wurde – was den Verantwortlichen für diese Nummer offenbar nicht ausreichte, um von ihrer irren These einer "Rape Culture" in unserer Gesellschaft abzurücken. Maddes8cht kommentiert den Ausgang des Experiments:

Niemand denkt auch nur daran, dem reglos am Boden liegenden beizustehen oder erste Hilfe anzubieten.

Zusammengefasst: Ein Mann macht eine Frau blöd an wegen ihrer Kleidung. Sie gibt ihm Kontra, geht ihn schließlich körperlich an, schubst ihn. Mehrere andere Leute mischen sich ein und geben ebenfalls allesamt und einheitlich Kontra. Schließlich wird der Mann von einer Frau mit einer Glasflasche niedergeschlagen und noch bewusstlos auf dem Boden liegend bespuckt.

Das ist eine völlig unproportionale Gewalteskalation gegen diesen Mann, der sich zwar wie ein Idiot benimmt, aber deshalb noch lange nicht verdient, krankenhausreif geprügelt zu werden.

Was hat die Verantwortlichen Redakteure geritten, dieses Video eskalierter Gewalt gegen einen sexuell übergriffigen verbalen Schlagabtausch als Beispiel für "mangelndes Eingreifen der Öffentlichkeit bei einem sexuellen Übergriff" zu verkaufen? (...) Was hätte denn ihrer Meinung nach passieren müssen, um als "angemessene" Reaktion zu gelten? Hätten sie den Mann totschlagen sollen?

Genau das ist am Sonntag in Brasilien passiert. Dort wurde ein Eisverkäufer, der zwei Frauen belästigte, von einem wütenden Mob umgebracht. Radkale Feministinnen dürften solche Fälle von ihrem Glauben an eine "Rape Culture", die Übergriffe ignoriert, in keiner Weise abbringen.

7. Spiegel-Online berichtet über den Fall in Wallenfels, wo eine Mutter offenbar acht Babys umgebracht hatte. Die Gemeinde ist verstört und ratlos:

Beim Volkstrauertag am Sonntag haben sie in Wallenfels für die Familie gebetet. Für die getöteten Kinder, für die lebenden Kinder, für die Mutter.

Für den Vater betet man nicht.

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