Mittwoch, August 19, 2015

Massenmörder Anders Breivik bekommt hunderte von Liebesbriefen pro Jahr

The weekly Morgenbladet reported last year that Breivik receives "at least" 800 letters a year, many of them from female admirers. During his 2012 trial, it emerged that a 16-year-old girl had asked him to marry her.

(...) There is, however, no scientific evidence to support the widespread belief that these women feel they are on a mission to help the killer get on the right track in life, said Amanda Vicary, an assistant professor of psychology at Wesleyan University in the United States.

"Some women tend to be drawn to famous men - it's possible that the reason for some women's attraction to men who have done horrible things is not so much what they've done, but the fame they have received from their acts," she said.

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