Samstag, Dezember 07, 2013

Pakistan: Tabisierung des sexuellen Missbrauchs von Jungen beklagt

In der Reihe über männerpolitische Beiträge in anderen Ländern dieser Erde geht der Blick heute nach Pakistan, wo sich kürzlich ein Artikel mit dem sexuellen Missbrauch von Jungen und dessen Tabuisierung auseinandersetzte:

According to the Rozan Annual Report 2011-12 2,303 children were abused in Pakistan in 2011. However, crime is grossly under reported and both, boys and girls are equally vulnerable to child sexual abuse. Aangan’s analysis of 200 client letters published in 2006 revealed that 49% of the abused children were girls while 51% were boys. Moreover, the percentage of children abused by their own relatives was the highest, followed by acquaintances and then strangers.

A major cause behind the rapid increase in the number of child abuse cases in Pakistan has been the denial of family and other members of the society towards the issue.

After I shared Humera’s story, five other friends found the courage to share the ordeal and years of suffering that they had gone through – and four out of these five, happened to be boys. (...)

We all have friends who probably try to live normal lives but carry dark and painful secrets that they refuse to share with their friends and loved ones, simply because they fear facing denial and being judged. Whether one is male or female, sexual abuse may occur for a few seconds but its psychological impact lasts for years and male victims go through the same emotional trauma that females go through and hence, deserve equal support.

Our society’s denials and self-satisfying beliefs that males cannot be abused, and adopting a ‘brush-it-under-the-carpet’ attitude cannot change the truth. It is imperative to let go of such myths and embrace reality so that male victims feel inspired and empowered enough to break the silence and seek help.

Only then can we hope to bring an end to this horrendous crime.

Wir führen dieselbe Schlacht um Aufklärung und echten Antisexismus in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern dieser Welt.

Auch in Pakistans geopolitischem Gegner Indien bleiben die lange vernachlässigten Anliegen von Männern ein Thema.

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