Donnerstag, April 09, 2015

Aufruhr an australischer Uni: Mann zum Frauenvertreter gewählt

The University of Tasmania’s student union will not be able to remove a man elected to serve as the body’s women’s officer, despite uproar among students.

Nearly 1000 people had signed a petition yesterday calling for the removal of James Ritchie, who was elected to the women’s officer position for the Tasmanian University Union last week.

TUU president Heidi La Paglia said that she regretted an issue in advertising the position had allowed Mr Ritchie to be elected.

(...) Mr Ritchie won the role, for Northern women’s officer, 112 votes to 88 votes, running against a female candidate.

While Mr Ritchie could not be reached for comment, he told the local Launceston-based Examiner newspaper he would take the position seriously.

"It’s not a publicity stunt and I’m genuinely interested in helping women with whatever issues or feedback they give me. I want to help them do that and I think that’s good for women and good for men and that’s good for the community," Mr Ritchie said.

It’s understood the TUU is in discussions with Mr Ritchie about an alternative position.

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