Mittwoch, April 08, 2015

"Ich hatte zwei Coming Outs – als Schwuler zuerst, als Männerrechtler danach"

This article is mainly directed at those MHRAs who are still in the closet – no, not that one. I am referring to the closet in which many of us conceal the true extent of our involvement in the MHRM from some – perhaps even all – of our family, friends and colleagues. There are a variety of reasons, some more valid and compelling than others, why MHRA closet cases have chosen to keep their affiliations with A Voice for Men on the down-low, so to speak.

While those close to me couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that I am not feminism’s number one fan, for many years, only my family, my partner and a select number of friends actually knew that I had written articles for A Voice for Men and that my level of commitment to the rights and welfare of men and boys ran deep.

(...) For me, the most challenging part of coming out as a MHRA hasn’t been putting up with people altering their perceptions about me – it has been discovering things about those people that I’d rather not have known. It can be a quite a shock to realize just how many otherwise decent and intelligent people, who ought to know better, bleed radical feminist bile – even when they’ve only been lightly grazed by a brick of logic.

Coming out as a MHRA, like coming out as a gay man, is easier for some than for others. Both can be traumatic steps rife with obstacles and risks, but they are also very liberating steps, and have the priceless advantage of leaving you in no doubt about where you truly stand with people. It’s just a matter of asking yourself whether or not you really want to find out.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

Ich muss sagen, dass auch für mich mein "Coming Out" als Männerrechtler wesentlich heikler war, als mich als Angehöriger einer sexuellen Minderheit zu outen. Während meine Mutter nicht besonders glücklich über dieses SM-Zeug war und ein bis dahin eng befreundetes besonders christliches Paar mit abschätzigen Bemerkungen nicht hinter dem Berg halten konnte, habe ich als SMer niemals diese immensen Feindseligkeiten erfahren, die man erlebt, wenn man sich statt nur für Frauen plötzlich auch oder gar hauptsächlich für Männer einsetzt.

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