Mittwoch, April 08, 2015

"Wir sind die wehleidigste, am schnellsten beleidigte Gesellschaft in der Geschichte der Welt"

Für die Website Zero Hedge verfasste Matt Walsh einen Beitrag über den neuen Trend, schon angebliche "Mikroaggressionen" zu einer Form enormer Unterdrückung aufzublasen:

Microaggressions, on the other hand, are things that are only offensive because some member of an approved victim group declared it so.

It would be, by any definition, aggressive and belittling for White Guy A to walk up to a Chinese individual and say, "Hey, I hate Chinese people! Go back to China, Chinese person!"

But, as taught by the deranged social theory promoted by nearly every public university in America, a microaggression happens when White Guy B approaches a Chinese person and says, "Hi, where are you from?" or "Hello, I’m interested in your culture. What language do they speak in your country of origin?"

Non-liberals would find those comments to be utterly innocuous, even friendly, but liberals have decided that White Guy B and White Guy A are identical, and their words and actions can be interpreted the same.

(...) The great thing about the ‘unconscious bias’ shtick is that it allows someone to infer offensive meanings in what you say, while preventing you from defending yourself by assuming that you don’t actually know what you mean or how you feel. In the bizarre world of contemporary progressivism, only the Offended Person can tell you how you really feel, even if it isn’t how you feel. Essentially, you feel however the Offended Person feels you feel. Got it?

Wie Walsh ausführt, scheint auch, einer Frau zum Beispiel eine Tür aufzuhalten, im akademischen Umfeld inzwischen als "Mikroaggression" zu gelten. Als Gegenmaßnahme macht Walsh fünf Vorschläge, von denen man einige auch jenen ins Stammbuch schreiben sollte, die sich aktuell in eine bizarre Empörung über die Reklame des Getränkeherstellers True Fruits hineingesteigert hatten:

1) If it wasn’t intended to offend you, then you shouldn’t be offended.

2) You do not get to decide someone else’s intentions. They do.

3) Being offended is a choice you make. Nobody is responsible for that choice but you.

4) Even if the slight was intended and deliberate, functioning adults understand that they must move on and not dwell over every sideways glance or rude comment.

5) You have to stop doing the trendy internet thing where you write something on a piece of paper and take a picture of yourself holding it up while frowning. It’s just annoying at this point.

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