Donnerstag, Mai 01, 2014

Isabel Hardman: Save the male!

In einem ausführlichen Artikel von ... öh ... übermorgen analysiert Isabel Hardman für Großbritannien die Krise der Männlichkeit, was sich leicht auf deutsche Verhältnisse übertragen lässt. Hardmans Artikels – inhaltlich enthält er für uns Maskulisten wenig Neues – schließt mit folgenden Gedanken:

This is not to say that women’s lives are fantastic these days. (...) More than one problem can exist at once, though: life is not a set of scales where if one group goes up, the other goes down. But while our political debate quite comfortably lumps certain problems together as ‘women’s issues’, there is a noticeable reluctance to do the same for men, or to worry about our sons. Last month, opposition MPs and journalists kicked up a stink about the new women’s minister, Nicky Morgan, not being senior enough. Perhaps on the basis of the trends we’re seeing today, we also need a minister for men.


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