Montag, Juni 05, 2017

Terror, Genderwahn, Ausstieg aus dem Feminismus – News vom 5. Juni 2017

1. Während der Terror von London auf Twitter weiter von feministischer Seite kommentiert wird, berichtet Spiegel-Online in diesem Zusammenhang über einen weiteren Fall toxischer Männlichkeit.

2. Die Gründungsversammlung der liberalen Männer in der FDP findet am Samstag, dem 5. August, statt. Interessenten sind eingeladen, über die Website des Nürnberger Genderkongresses beziehungsweise den Veranstalter, die Trade 5 GmbH Event & Kongress, Kontakt aufzunehmen.

3. Das Netzwerk "Neue Wege für Jungs" bewirbt den Fachtag "Mut zum Genderwahn". Das Programm dazu findet man hier.

4. Eine australische Zeitung berichtet über Frauen, die sich für Männerrechte einsetzen - darunter sogar ehemalige Feministinnen. Ein Auszug aus dem Artikel von Bettina Arndt:

As a fresh-faced 18-year-old Daisy Cousens left school firmly on board the feminism bandwagon. Like many millennial women she’d been seduced by what she now sees as an "entrenched victim mentality", convinced the scales were tipped against her because of her sex. "I assumed I’d have to work twice as hard as men for half the recognition and that violent predators lurk around every street corner," she says.

It took her years to discover she’d been duped. "I realised the feminist view did not reflect my life experiences. I grew suspicious. I couldn’t believe that somehow in Western society women were paid less than men or had fewer rights than men. And given my experience of men, I refused to believe there was an undercurrent of misogyny among all the wonderful men in my life," says the 28-year-old, who is part of a growing global band of female activists speaking out about the demonisation of men. Some of the leading lights in this group will hit our shores next month to speak at an international men’s issues conference.

Cousens’s turnaround happened when she was working as a research assistant at the Menzies Research Centre, which led her to start asking questions. She found, for instance, that the much heralded "wage gap" largely could be explained by differences in men and women’s work and lifestyle­choices. That was the beginning.

Cousens discovered a thriving online world questioning the feminist narrative and revealing the silencing of critical issues affecting men and boys. She’s now writing — mainly in The Spectator Australia and Quadrant — about what she sees as a "silent war on men".

(...) Local female men’s rights activists are excited about the chance to discuss with these luminaries how to get men’s issues on to the public agenda. Women such as Melbourne mental health advocate Rae Bonney, whose work with male-dominated workplaces reveals many of the contributors to the high male suicide rate, such as facing a biased family law system.

She says: "It’s both alarming and heartbreaking that so many of our social systems prevent men from getting the help and support they so desperately need. Every day I hear another story of a man who’s lost absolutely everything, often facing unproven accusations of violence and abuse."

Es geht voran. Mir persönlich immer noch viel zu langsam, aber es geht voran.

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