Sonntag, Februar 08, 2015

Experiment: Mit Männerrechtler-Sweatshirt an der High School (Tag 1)

Ein amerikanischer Schüler an einer High School (vom Alter her mit der Oberstufe in Deutschland, also den Klassen 11 bis 13, zu vergleichen) startete dieser Tage ein reizvolles Experiment, indem er dort ein Sweatshirt mit der Aufschrift "MENINIST" trug. Über die Reaktionen berichtet er auf der Diskussionsplattform Reddit:

I admittedly wore this sweatshirt to antagonize some feminists into discussion or public debate. This school has a history of publishing extremely biased and false feminists articles in the newspaper, and I personally have had several feminist extremist teachers. I have been ostracized in several classes over the years for disagreeing with or offering a counter argument (in a very civil, factual, and moderate way) in class. Teachers have contributed to this having called me both directly and indirectly a misogynist, a rape apologist, etc. This all took place prior to my wearing this sweatshirt. The following is an account of my encounters wearing the sweatshirt that brandishes #MENINIST on the front.

Hier geht es weiter.

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