Freitag, Januar 02, 2015

Gerichtsurteil in Kanada: Stellenausschreibung "nur für Frauen" verstößt gegen Menschenrechte

A restaurateur violated a male applicant’s human rights when he posted a job ad seeking "female only" servers, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled despite hearing evidence the man might not have wanted the job in the first place.

Adjudicator Jennifer Scott found Adnan Cenanovic failed to prove he lost out on the job because of his gender, and she also laid out "several reasons to doubt the sincerity" of the job application. But she nevertheless found he was a victim of discrimination, just because of the ad itself.

"I accept it constitutes adverse treatment to be told that you cannot apply for a job because of your gender," she wrote. "There is an innate harm in communicating to people that they are less worthy, less qualified and less desirable for employment because of prohibited grounds for discrimination."

Hier geht es weiter.

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