Freitag, Januar 02, 2015

Kanada: Falschbeschuldigung führt zur Gewalt

Neues aus der Rape Culture:

A man who stormed into a bonfire party with a handgun, believing his girlfriend had been raped by the men there, came out of the whole mess the worst for wear.

Janos Papp, 57, ended up being viciously beaten by the men at the party - who had not raped his girlfriend, it turned out. She had made the story up after her ATV broke down and she was angry the men at the party were too incompetent to help her.

(...) The incident began May 16, 2012, when Papp and his girlfriend of 10 years went for a ride on their ATVs after spending the day drinking and shooting guns for fun near Beauval, according to Judge Miguel Martinez's ruling.

When they reached the Lac La Plonge dam, they found a group of people in their 20s drinking and celebrating a birthday. After a short visit, they left, but Papp's girlfriend had to stay behind because of a problem with her ATV. Two men from the bonfire party tried to help her.

"It seems that Mr. Papp's girlfriend became so annoyed with what she perceived to be the incompetence of her helpers that when she finally returned to Mr. Papp's cabin, she blamed her delay on the young men," Martinez wrote. "Incredibly, she falsely accused them of various transgressions, including telling a very drunk Mr. Papp that they had raped her."

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