Mittwoch, Dezember 11, 2013

Israelische Mutter fleht um Hilfe: "Ich will mein Baby nicht verstümmeln müssen!"

"Help! I’m asking for the help of the public! I am a mother to a baby. The Rabbinical Court is forcing me to cut my year old son against my will (circumcise him) while subjecting me to heavy financial sanctions daily!

After my exposure to the information regarding circumcision, I refuse to mutilate my baby. I don’t have the right and I do not agree! He was born whole and he will stay whole! His integrity is his full right! The Religious Court has no right to do that! No one in the whole world is authorized to force me to mutilate my son, to cut his penis!"

Hier geht es weiter mit dem Hilferuf einer Mutter (Genderama berichtete), der mit etwas gutem Willen bestimmt auch wieder als "antisemitisch" konstruiert werden kann.

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