Montag, Oktober 07, 2013

Angst vor Eintrag als Sexualstraftäter: Schüler bringt sich um

Der Kampf gegen den nackten männlichen Körper hat ein neues Opfer gefunden:

On the evening of Friday, September 27th in the small town of Harvest Alabama, a community of just over 5,000 souls, a fifteen year old boy took off his clothes and ran naked across a football field where the Sparkman High School Senators were playing against a rival teem in front of a large crowd. His friends cheered, old women blushed, young children pointed their fingers and asked "Mommy why is that kid running around naked?" leaving parents flustered while trying to hold back their laughter. Someone had even recorded a video and placed it on Youtube. By the end of the night Christian Adamek had become legend by pulling a prank performed by countless pranksters before him on countless playing fields in front of countless millions in the past.

Last week, on Wednesday October 2nd, Christian hung himself and it was announced Friday morning in that he had died from his injuries.

Hier geht es weiter.

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