Mittwoch, April 29, 2009

Wendy McElroy: Gute Frauen müssen den Mund aufmachen

Wendy McElroy, Vorsitzende der liberalen Feministinnen in den USA, richtet eine klare Aufforderung an alle Frauen mit Charakter:

Stand up for the values that have been ravaged by PC feminism: freedom of speech, parental control of children, the rights of men, and the ability to rise through merit alone.

Every day offers opportunities to transform the culture. When a friend launches into a male-bashing diatribe, remind her that she's talking about your husband or son...and object. When a co-worker loses a deserved promotion because of affirmative action, give him moral support. When public schools teach your child values you abhor, complain to the School Board.

But be prepared to argue because political correctness will die as it lived -- kicking and screaming ad hominem abuse as a substitute for arguments. If you defend your husband, you may be called anti-woman. If you protest affirmative action, you'll be slurred as a racist. If you don't want gay teachers "coming out" in school at taxpayers' expense, you'll be labeled homophobic.

Hier geht es mit einigen Tipps für solche Gespräche weiter.

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