Sonntag, März 29, 2009

Indien: "Jungen häufiger missbraucht als Mädchen"

Wieder einmal ein aktueller Artikel von der anderen Seite des Erdballs:

Mumbai: While the recent Mira Road rape cases have brought to light sexual crimes against girls in society, the fact is that boys are even more victimised than girls.

"In our experience, we found that boys were more sexually abused than girls. And they were even more reluctant to report it than girls," said Pooja Taparia, founder-CEO, Arpan, a non-governmental organisation which works to prevent child sexual abuse and heal those who have been affected by it.

Taparia said the effect of child sexual abuse on a boy or a girl stays through the victim's lifetime. When it comes to child sexual abuse, there are several myths: the first one being boys are not at risk.

Hier geht es weiter.

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