Mittwoch, Juli 18, 2007

Wie Jungen sprechen, wenn niemand zuhört

Warren Farrell, Godfather of Männerbewegung, widmet sich in einem aktuellen Artikel den Problemen von Jungen in unserer Gesellschaft. Ein Auszug:

When boys and girls are nine, their suicide rates are equal. Between 10 and 14, boys’ rates are twice girls’ rates. Between 15 and 19, it is quadruple. And between 20 and 24, it soars to six times. But we only pay attention when guns allow the suicides to also become homicides. (…) When girls had problems in math or science, and were underrepresented in law and medicine, we asked parents, schools and political leaders to take responsibility. Now boys have problems. We need to take responsibility. (…) Boys and men are “losing it.” We need our sons and our dads. And we can do for them what we’ve been doing for our daughters and wives for the past thirty years.

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