Mittwoch, Juni 03, 2015

Hillary Clinton benötigt Männer, damit Veranstaltung "nur für Frauen" nicht platzt

Als ob es symbolisch für den aktuellen Zustand des Feminismus wäre:

Hillary Clinton tried to hold a "just for women" fundraiser on Monday, but few women signed up, so she had to open up the event to men in order to fill seats.

The $2,700-per-person event was supposed to attract 125 women, but only 50 bought tickets by the Sunday morning deadline, so the deadline was extended and opened to men, according to Page Six.

(...) If that wasn't embarrassing enough for Clinton, CNN released a new poll showing Clinton's favorability rating plummeting since November. Back then, she was only hinting at a presidential campaign, and her approval rating was at 60 percent. But since she announced (and has been in the news for scandal after scandal), her approval has dropped 14 points to 46 percent. Meanwhile, her unfavorability rating has skyrocketed from 38 percent to 50 percent.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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