Dienstag, Juni 02, 2015

"Warum sich der Gender Pay Gap vielleicht niemals schließt"

Und noch ein Artikel aus Kanada:

Trigger warning: Parts of this column may be offensive and upsetting to people who believe that women face a wall of discrimination out there. Readers may want to find a safe space and seek emotional support before proceeding.

Why is the gender wage gap still so huge? In Ontario, according to the Toronto Star, women in the work force now make a whopping 31.5 per cent less than men. The Premier, Kathleen Wynne, says the problem is so grave that she has ordered her ministers to develop a strategy that will "close the gap."

But how? Here’s one idea. Get women in university to switch their majors. Instead of sociology, they should take petroleum engineering, which pays three or four times as much. That would close the gap in no time.

In fact, most (not all) of the wage gap is a myth, based on the same sort of flawed statistics that vastly inflate the problem of "rape culture." Yet if you doubt the magnitude of either of these problems, you will probably be denounced as a misogynist, or worse.

Hier geht es weiter mit dem Artikel von Margaret Wente.

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