Mittwoch, Juni 03, 2015

Britisches Gesetz soll Sex mit betrunkener Frau automatisch zur Vergewaltigung machen

Women should be able to automatically claim they were raped if they have sex when intoxicated, a controversial report concluded yesterday.

Dame Elish Angiolini called for a legal change so a woman would be considered incapable of consenting if she had been drinking heavily. In her wide-ranging report on rape, the experienced barrister said the Sexual Offences Act should be amended to clarify the law on consent where alcohol is involved.

Lawyers in crown courts currently cite previous rape cases where copious amounts of alcohol have been involved to support their case. Judges and juries then use their common sense to decide if an accuser really was incapable of consenting to sex. But now Dame Elish, a former Lord Advocate in Scotland, has called for a woman’s incapacity to consent to be ‘embedded in legislation’. In practice, this would mean imposing an alcohol limit above which women would be considered incapable of consenting.

Police would be asked to carry out blood tests on alleged rape victims to establish the level of alcohol in their bodies. They would then calculate how affected she was at the time. If judged to be drunk, the woman would not be regarded as being able to consent to sex. This would make it virtually impossible for a man accused of rape in this situation to claim he believed she had said yes.

Hier geht es weiter.

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