Sonntag, März 15, 2015

Feministische Ex-Richterin spricht fünf harte Wahrheiten über Campus-Vergewaltigungen aus

Nancy Gertner's feminist bona fides can hardly be questioned. A college friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gertner is well known for her staunch defense of women in court.

She has won prestigious awards for her women's advocacy, and called her memoirs In Defense of Women: Memoirs of an Unrepentant Advocate. A liberal in good standing, she was appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts by President Clinton at the recommendation of Sens. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

So what made such a staunch feminist advocate think twice about the current climate revolving around sexual assault on college campuses? It happened when her law firm took the case of a young man Gertner believed to be wrongly accused of rape even though a grand jury indicted him. In the case Gertner described, the man was accused 10 months after the encounter by a woman whose story constantly changed and was contradicted by witnesses.

Gertner was one of the 28 current and former Harvard Law professors who signed a letter against the school's new sexual assault policy.

During a panel Thursday discussing campus sexual assault and Gertner's recent article in the American Prospect, the former federal judge discussed some sensitive topics that, had a man such as Washington Post author George Will said them, would have been excoriated.

Alas, Gertner's feminist credentials allowed her to address some issues activists have not been so open to discussing.

Hier geht es mit den "fünf harten Wahrheiten" weiter.

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