Donnerstag, Januar 29, 2015

Britischer Justizminister will Zahl weiblicher Häftlinge halbieren

Die BBC berichtet:

The number of women being sent to prison should be halved, Justice Minister Simon Hughes has said.

Female offenders are a "special case" and should be treated differently to men because many had been victims themselves, he told BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast.

(...) When asked why female offenders should be treated differently to men Mr Hughes said: "Women are a special case for very good, evidenced reasons. Firstly, many more women who go to prison have themselves been victims. They've often been abused or in violent partnerships. Secondly, many more women have caring responsibilities than men do."

(...) Plans to reform the way female offenders are dealt with - hauling together the various agencies which can sometimes be at odds with each other - have been in the pipeline for a while.

Now up and running in Greater Manchester, the various agencies - police, magistrates, women's centres, prisons, probation - intervene at the point of arrest, sentencing or release to offer alternatives to custody, or to make sure women don't return to prison.

Those involved say it's helping to reduce reoffending. Justice Minister Simon Hughes wants other English cities and regions to adopt the model. But the question many are asking now is - if it's so successful for women, why can't it be applied to male offenders too?

Weil Frauen nun mal bessere Menschen sind, du Dödel.

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