Donnerstag, September 18, 2014

Neue Forschung: Wie sexuelle Gewalt gegen Jungen und Männer ausgeblendet wird

To better understand this very hard-to-research issue, the Nuffield Foundation funded our research as a scoping study. The study involved a review of published literature, analysis of existing data (led by UCL), interviews with professionals, and a workshop with young people.

Barnardo’s run a number of services across the UK focused on addressing child sexual exploitation, and provided our project partners at UCL access to their administrative data for the comparative analysis strand of this research. UCL found that one third of the Barnardo’s service users are boys and young men.

That is a powerful and empirically robust finding, but we have to be clear that this figure refers to Barnardo’s service users only, and includes both victims and young people suspected of being at risk of child sexual abuse. Alongside the problems of defining sexual exploitation, its hidden, sensitive nature means that it’s very difficult to quantify its incidents or victims.

Nevertheless this analysis, of one of the most robust sources of data available, shows that a sizable minority of boys and young men are directly affected.

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