Sonntag, September 14, 2014

Camille Paglia: Feminismus heute nur noch "ein Haufen gemeiner Mädchen bei Twitter"

Paglia’s twin passions are literature and movies, but she is best known for the role she played in the feminist debate that swept the world in the last three decades of the 20th century. Now she almost resists using that particular "F" word.

"Feminism has absolutely collapsed. There were real leaders when it began, but then it started to silence any voice of dissent. Like mine. I wouldn’t subscribe to anyone’s party line and they didn’t like that. It soon disintegrated into folly and insularity."

She laughs bitterly. "I used to roll my eyes back then when the TV anchors would always turn to a designated spokesman of feminism and ask, ‘What is the women’s view of this?’ when what they really meant was, ‘What does Gloria Steinem think?' It was never ‘the women’s view.’ It was the view of a small group along the Manhattan/Washington, D.C., corridor who had a not-so-covert conspiracy to always push forward the agenda of the Democratic Party."

In Paglia’s opinion, "They really shot themselves in the foot over the whole Monica Lewinsky thing. After beating the drum so loudly about sexual harassment in Washington and the world, their own baby boy, Bill Clinton, carried on in the tawdriest way with a buxom young intern. Feminism today just exists as a bunch of Mean Girls on Twitter."

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