Samstag, August 09, 2014

Wie können sich Feministinnen von ihrem schlechten Ruf befreien?

Hier mal wieder ein etwas älteres Fundstück aus dem Internet: Gegen Ende seines langen Blogbeitrags Why So Many People Are Against Feminism beschäftigt sich der – maskulistische – Verfasser mit der Frage, wie sich Feministinnen noch von ihrem grottenschlechten Image befreien könnten. Seine Argumentation:

No one has a problem with the legitimate advocacy of women’s rights. This especially applies to men who have died in their thousands for mellennia to protect women and look after them. Apparently according to feminists, all of that part of history never happened. Men were too busy oppressing women. Events like the Titanic were a myth. Whilst people do support women's rights (including me), people do have a problem with feminism. So what do feminists need to do?

* Get rid of patriarchy theory. It is counterproductive to your objectives and at odds with reality.

* Stop painting men as villians and women as victims and inspiring hate.

* Don’t remain silent and do nothing when other feminists engage in misandry or advocate discriminatory practices against men in the name of gender equality.

* Embrace facts and not dogma. Be prepared to question the status quo of not just society, but the core beliefs of your own movement. Do they still hold true or were they ever true in the first place?

* Separate feminism from your identity. Allow your individuality to flourish and stop conforming to group-think.

* Seek a cooperative partnership with the men’s rights movement.

The world needs a legitimate women’s rights movement. Yes that is coming from a man involved in men’s rights advocacy (an MRA). I care about the human rights of my female relatives and female friends just as much as I do for the men in my life. Guess what? Every man does and we always did. MRA's don't have a problem with the legitimate and transparent advocacy of women's rights. We do have a problem with bigotry, hypocrisy and megalomania.

There are men’s human rights advocates such as myself, that desire a partnership with such a legitimate women's movement. Modern feminism is not that movement. However, with the right leaders it could be transformed into that movement or more likely it could be replaced with something authentic. Why do I want a partnership to form between the men’s human rights movement and a legitimate women’s human rights movement? Many of the problems that men and women face are interconnected.

Solving them is best achieved by burning the candle at both ends. Otherwise society is just going to keep going around in circles (which is really what this sociopathic bigots want, it keeps the money flowing). Domestic violence is one such example. The mental health and welfare issues of men and women play a causal role in domestic violence affecting both men and women. Aside from that, men and women are inseparable. We have relatives of the opposite sex and we care about them. We all have sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers. Why are we engaging in a competition between the genders when we clearly need a partnership? It makes no sense and it is a pathology in society.

I know that there are women who like myself, want a united front to form on gender advocacy. Unfortunately the beast modern feminism has become is in the way. Feminism in it's present state either needs to collapse and be replaced with something transparent, or it needs to transform itself into something authentic and legitimate.

(...) Honestly I think what needs to happen more than anything, is everyday men and women in society need to take back women’s rights from feminism. Women in particular need to get involved. I have had emails from men and women alike, telling me of the culture of fear that keeps many of them silent. I understand that. However like Nazism, if we don’t stand up to ideologies of hate, then nothing is going to improve and the future we leave our children in will be a shadow of what it is now and things are already pretty bad.

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