Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2014

14. internationale Konferenz für männliche "Überlebende" sexueller Gewalt angekündigt

More than 26 million boys and men in the United States have been, or will be, sexually abused at some point in their lives. Globally, more than 850 million males are estimated to be victims. Healing is possible, but for many survivors hope and support can be hard to find. Without greater awareness of the existence and needs of male survivors, the personal evolution from hurting to healing is made immensely harder.

MaleSurvivor‘s 14th International Conference will convene this fall, once again within the New York City metropolitan area. We are expecting hundreds of attendees from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds to join together to share their knowledge and support for the work of healing. We encourage survivors, mental health professionals, researchers, academicians and others to join us for more than 40 workshops, presentations, and discussions on the sexual victimization of boys and men.

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