Sonntag, Mai 04, 2014

Neue Erkenntnisse über sexuelle Gewalt gegen Männer – was machen wir damit?

Das maskulistische Blog Toy Soldiers, dessen Schwerpunkt sexuelle Gewalt gegen Jungen und Männer ist, zeigt sich über die aktuellen Forschungserkenntnisse, über die auch Genderama berichtete, begeistert:

Feminists invest a lot of time in framing sexual violence as something only men do to only women. Whenever research reveals more male victims and more female perpetrators, feminists typically deny, dismiss, or ignore it.

Nachdem er dieses feministische Vertuschen sexueller Gewalt beispielhaft darlegt, führt der Blogger weiter aus:

It is an astounding admission: when researchers do exactly what male survivors, their advocates, and men’s rights activists did, i.e. combine the rape and "being forced to penetrate" numbers, they get the same result. It appears men are assaulted at or near the same rate as women. No one is playing with the numbers. They are only counting acts that legally count as rape as rape.

What makes this situation ironic is that people advocating for male survivors have talked about this for nearly three years. We looked at the data, looked at other available research, and came to the same conclusion. Why it took Stemple so long is anyone’s guess, yet at she shows that the advocates are not crazy misogynists trying to silence raped women by making it all about teh menz.

Now the question is what are we going to do about this? It is wonderful that someone finally acknowledged what the CDC survey actually states, but happens next? Will anyone push for changes in how male survivors are treated? Will anyone take this to the White House to see if that administration will form a committee to address this rape problem? Will this receive more coverage or has 15-minutes come and gone?

I know I will not stop talking about it, emailing legislators, and pushing for changes in the support community. But what will impact be on a larger scale?

Und müssen wir damit rechnen, dass Feministinnen wie Monika Schröttle auch in den USA Frauennetzwerke aktivieren, um gegen solche unerwünschte Forschung politisch Propaganda zu betreiben? Wie lange wird diese Strategie noch erfolgreich sein?

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