Montag, Dezember 21, 2015

Vermischtes vom 21. Dezember 2015

1. Im Zusammenhang mit der Debatte über die Nähe mancher feministischer Positionen zum Faschismus analysiert der linke Männerrechtler "djadmoros", inwieweit männerfeindlicher Feminismus und Antisemitismus strukturell wesensverwandt sind.

2. In der "Welt" kommen Unternehmerinnen zu Wort, die erklären, warum sie das Lohngleichstellungsgesetz Manuela Schwesigs daneben finden.

3. "Mütter müssen Väter machen lassen" fordert die Entwicklungspsychologin Lieselotte Ahnert.

4. Eine Gruppe britischer Akademiker wies dieser Tage darauf hin, dass an den Universitäten des Landes die Redefreiheit zunehmend bedroht ist:

They say the "deeply worrying development" is curtailing freedom of speech "like never before" because few things are safe from student censors.

Because universities increasingly see fee-paying students as customers, they do not dare to stand up to the "small but vocal minority" of student activists who want to ban everything from the Sun newspaper to the historian David Starkey.

The letter says: "Few academics challenge censorship that emerges from students. It is important that more do, because a culture that restricts the free exchange of ideas encourages self-censorship and leaves people afraid to express their views in case they may be misinterpreted. This risks destroying the very fabric of democracy.

(...) A generation of students is being denied the opportunity to test their opinions against the views of those they don’t agree with."

Calling on vice-chancellors to take a "much stronger stance" against all forms of censorship, they conclude that "students who are offended by opposing views are perhaps not yet ready to be at university".

Ein typisches Beispiel:

Oxford University cancelled a debate on abortion after female students complained that they would be offended by the presence of "a person without a uterus", in other words a man, on the panel.

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