Freitag, August 21, 2015

USA: College-Neulinge müssen Musical darüber besuchen, wie man einander nicht vergewaltigt

All freshmen at Indiana University at Bloomington have to attend a musical performance teaching them them how to not rape each other as part of their mandatory new-student orientation.

(...) Carol McCord, the associate dean of students at the school, told Inside Higher Ed: "It sounds cheesy, but let me tell you that many students will tell us that they remember the definition of consent from that song and sing it to us later."

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel Katherine Timpfs, die das Kunstwerk mit folgendem trockenen Kommentar würdigt:

I (...) have my doubts that sexual assaults on campus occur because the aggressors simply don’t realize that they’re raping people and that things would be different if they had just heard a song about how to not rape first.

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