Donnerstag, Juni 25, 2015

Neue Metastudie: Kein Unterschied, ob Kinder bei homo- oder heterosexuellem Paar aufwachsen

Scientists agree that children raised by same-sex couples are no worse off than children raised by parents of the opposite sex, according to a new study co-authored by a University of Oregon professor.

The new research, which looked at 19,000 studies and articles related to same-sex parenting from 1977 to 2013, was released last week, and comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule by the end of this month on whether same-sex marriage is legal.

"Consensus is overwhelming in terms of there being no difference in children who are raised by same-sex or different- sex parents," University of Oregon sociology professor Ryan Light said on Tuesday.

(...) The studies, Light said, showed some disagreement among scientists on the outcome of same-sex parenting in the 1980s but it largely subsided in the 1990s, and a clear consensus had formed by 2000 that there is no difference between same-sex and different-sex parenting in the psychological, behavioural or educational outcomes of children.

"Across the board we find the iterative suggests there’s no significant differences," Light said. "To our knowledge this is the most comprehensive analysis of this type on this issue."

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