Samstag, Februar 28, 2015

Serienmörderin, die Fotos ihrer aufgeschnittenen Opfer sammelte: "Ich tat es aus sexueller Lust"

Ein neuer Beitrag aus der Reihe "Zertrümmerte Geschlechterklischees, die Feministinnen schnuppe sind":

A woman accused of murdering a dozen homeless people has told police she felt 'sexual pleasure' from repeatedly stabbing dying victims.

The shocking revelations came as Russian police questioned Elena Lobacheva, 25, about the slayings of 12 people in Moscow.

She also admitted that she was inspired by a Hollywood horror movie Bride of Chucky, about a doll possessed by a serial killer.

Lobachev, 25, and Paul Voitov, 20, are accused of murdering a dozen homeless people in a crusade to clean-up the city.

Though they claimed to be targeting vagrants and alcoholics, and were nicknamed the 'Cleaners' gang', one victim, a bank worker, neither homeless nor a drunk, was stabbed 107 times.

She told police that 'randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought her pleasure compared to sexual pleasure', reported Life News agency.

It was also alleged that on her home computer she had a 'step-by-step instruction to killing people and photos of all of her victims with their stomachs cut open and body parts cut off'.

Hier geht es weiter. Wer wagt eine Wette, dass zukünftige Artikel sehr viel weniger von dieser Frau handeln werden als von männlichen Massenmördern wie Roger Elliott und Anders Breivik, die immer gern herangezogen werden, um viel größere Gruppen von Männern in Sippenhaft zu nehmen?

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