Sonntag, August 10, 2014

Sozialarbeiterin: "Warum ich einen Vater fälschlich beschuldigte, seine Tochter misshandelt zu haben"

Die britische Daily Mail berichtet:

A social worker who accused an innocent father of abusing his daughter has claimed the police put pressure on her to stand by the lie.

Suzi Smith has admitted falsely accusing Jonathan Coupland, 53, of attacking his six-year-old child in an official custody case note – which led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours and thrown into a cell.

After the Mail revealed the case earlier this year, Mrs Smith was brought before a disciplinary hearing this week over her behaviour.

Mrs Smith, who worked for Cafcass, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, which represents children in the family courts, admitted writing the damning note but claimed she later tried to retract the allegation – only to be put under huge strain by the police to stick to her story.

Hier geht es weiter.

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