Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2014

Hunderte britische Paare reisen in die USA, damit ihr Kind ein Mädchen wird

Der britische Telegraph berichtet, wie "hegemoniale Männlichkeit" heute aussieht:

The number of British couples having fertility treatment in America so they can choose the sex of their child is increasing by a fifth every year, a leading doctor has said.

Dr Daniel Potter, who runs a large fertility clinic in America, treats 10 patients from Britain a month who want to have IVF treatment only in order to select the gender of the baby.

Eight in ten couples from Britain are choosing to have a girl, he said.

(...) The whole process costs around US$ 15,000 and requires a 12 day stay near the clinic.

(...) One in ten of Dr Potter's patients are now seen for gender selection with the largest numbers of couples from outside America coming from Australia, the UK and Canada. In these countries, most couples want a girl, he said.

Die genannte Investition macht schon Sinn. Wenn man ein Kind haben möchte, dem es später mal besser geht, entscheidet man sich selbstverständlich für ein Mädchen. Weitere Gründe nennt der Telegraph in einem begleitenden Artikel:

The sheer reserves of energy, boisterousness, noise, aggression and stubbornness possessed by the average two-year-old boy can leave many clueless, furious or upset. (...) In some ways, we need to acknowledge and accept these gender differences as healthy and normal, so that mums of boys aren’t dying of shame at their impulsive, catastrophe-making sons. (...) When my son wants to roll around in the garden shooting a Nerf Gun or spending hours retrieving footballs from next-door’s garden, I quickly lose the will to live.

(...) There can be an unspoken understanding that develops between mums and daughters which manifests in eye-rolling each time their brother leaps into the house with a half-dead frog, or dad leaves the milk out to go warm again.

Mädchen sind eben die besseren Kinder.

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