Montag, Oktober 21, 2013

Aussteigerin berichtet: "Aus diesen sechs Gründen bin ich keine Feministin mehr"

In einem aktuellen Beitrag auf der männerpolitischen Website "A Voice for Men" legt Elly Tams die Gründe dafür dar, weshalb sie sich aus der feministischen Bewegung zurückgezogen hat – Gründe, die auch die Situation in Deutschland hervorragend wiedergeben. Ihr Fazit:

In the title of this piece I call myself a "recovering feminist." Whilst I don’t think I was "addicted" to feminism, the phrase was deliberate. Giving up the dogma that has dominated my life thus far has not been easy. There are even parallels between how alcohol or drugs, say, can serve as a "prop," a “safety net,” a way of trying to avoid some of the harsher aspects of reality and what feminism offered me. Without the comfortable delusion of feminism I am more vulnerable now. Without the "gang," the "club" (the "cult?") I sometimes feel alone. Sometimes I am alone. But I have no regrets. Apart from feminism’s misandry, lies, silencing tactics, and oppressive sexual politics, in writing this I have been reminded that even when I was still a feminist, who happened to think for herself, I was cast out and derided. Being a feminist, for me, was often being in the sisterhood without any sisters. I will never go back.

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