Sonntag, September 22, 2013

USA: Frauen haben sich von Rezession erholt, Männer noch nicht

Das American Enterprise Institut, ein Think Tank der Konservativen in den USA, berichtet über die frappierende Geschlechterkluft, wenn es um die Bewältigung der Rezession geht. In dem Artikel von Wirtschaftsprofessor Mark Perry heißt es:

In a new economic milestone for working women in America, the Associated Press reported last Friday that as of August, women have regained all of the jobs lost during the recession (and are now 38,000 jobs ahead of the number in December 2007), while male employment is still 2.74% and 2.14 million jobs below the December 2007 level (...). Call it a "man-cession" that has now turned into a "she-covery."

(...). In the tradition of Equal Pay Day, which is a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages, I hereby create a new event called "Equal Employment Month" to bring public awareness to the significant gender gap for job creation following the last recession. (...) In light of the significant gender gap for job creation favoring women during the recovery, I would also call on President Obama to reconsider a request he received in 2010 to create a "White House Council on Men and Boys" to help address the significant gender disparities that exist for job creation in the US, among many other issues that are affecting American men and boys (...).

Realistically though, Team Obama will likely continue to ignore the request to help America’s men and boys with a council in the same way he’s created a council and infrastructure to help the country’s women and girls. In other words, Team Obama will show a concern for gender imbalances only when women are perceived to be adversely affected, and will continue to ignore the shrinking share of advanced, college degrees going to men and the new gender imbalance for job gains during the recovery favoring women.

Auch jenseits des American Enterprise Institute gelangt man derzeit verstärkt zu der Auffassung, dass es keinen "Krieg gegen die Frauen" gebe, wie es die US-Demokraten in ihrem Wahlkampf von 2012 postulierten, wohl aber einen in der Berichterstattung vernachlässigten "Krieg gegen die Männer".

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