Dienstag, August 11, 2009

Britische Paartherapeutin warnt: Männer verwandeln sich in halb-weibliche Mischformen

Modern women are turning their husbands into 'male-female hybrids' by ordering them to do a rising number of domestic chores, a relationship counsellor claims.

Women increasingly used to being in charge in the workplace are adopting the same policy at home, telling their men to perform traditional housewives' tasks such as the laundry, vacuuming and ironing. As a result men are abandoning their natural manly instincts and becoming hybrids of both sexes, according to a book by relationship expert Francine Kaye.

Mrs Kaye, who counsels dozens of couples every week, says she is seeing more and more relationship difficulties stem from the way that women treat their other halves. She claims that women are so used to being bossy and decisive in the office that they end up taking charge when they get home.

Die Daily Mail berichtet.

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