Sonntag, März 15, 2009

Mutter beklagt: Medien bieten Jungen keine männlichen Vorbilder mehr

The outrage my son felt during physical fitness testing a few years back was pretty typical — he was fuming that the girls had a shorter distance to run.

I asked, “Why?” — knowing of course there was a good reason.

He sighed heavily, and reluctantly said, “Their lungs are smaller.”

Ever since girls started their ongoing critique of boys, my son, who had gotten along well with them, went through a time where he denounced them as “evil.” He saw unfairness at every turn and perceived they got preferential treatment from teachers. Which could have happened.

When the girls’ ongoing critiques about the boys turned to outright cruelty, I began to be troubled myself, and even embarrassed that girls were being so mean.

Then he began to pick up on the bits and pieces of news he overheard. And he saw a troubling pattern: Men were quite often the ones connected to murder and violence, and it seemed to give him pause on how the world may not be tilted forever to favor girls.

Sharma Howard berichtet über die Probleme, ihren Sohn im männerfeindlichen Klima der Gegenwart zu einem selbstbewussten Menschen aufzuziehen.

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