Mittwoch, Juli 02, 2008

Britische Feministin: "Frauen gehören nicht ins Gefängnis!"

Der britische Plan, in England sämtliche Frauengefängnisse aufzulösen (Genderama berichtete) ist gescheitert. Die Feministinnen sind darüber erbost und finden natürlich immer eine Zeitung, die ihnen für ihren Unmut ein Forum gewährt – zum Beispiel die "Times". Dort kann man heute Gedankengänge wie diese lesen:

A report by Baroness Corston in December 2006 set out a shocking catalogue of women's suffering that make radical proposals essential. She suggests closing 13 women's prisons and replacing them with a network of 150 custodial family units in city centres. There was cross-party agreement to accept her report. But the Government has now rejected its central proposal and an important social gain been scuppered either by lack of money or out of fear of an uproar from the right-wing press.

It's hard to imagine another arena of public life where the difference between men and women is as marked as it among prisoners. Women are not, on the whole, members of the criminal classes. They are basically law-abiding. Prison is certainly not one of the places where women aspire to equal treatment. The family is central to their world view and their lives revolve round it. The criminal justice system, developed in Victorian times, modelled the idea of women's prisons on the male institution, without enough thought about the differences between the sexes.(…)

Women fare particularly badly in prison. They self harm, they have mental health and drug problems. When they come out, they often find that they have lost their living accommodation. These are people in need of help.

Den kompletten Artkel findet man hier.

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