Dienstag, Oktober 06, 2015

A Voice for Men: Wie man Institute der "Genderstudien" lahm legt

Die männerpolitische Website A Voice for Men liefert heute Anregungen für eine ungewöhnliche Form von politischem Aktivismus in verschiedenen Ländern Europas:

Have you ever wondered what a better world we’d have if gender/women’s studies departments would simply cease to exist? In the following lines, we will explain how you can be part of the solution.

But first things first.

This method has been used successfully on 14 universities in 4 European countries – two from Western Europe (France and Spain) and two in Eastern Europe (Poland and Romania). Hopefully Hungary will be added to the list next year.

To our knowledge, the first successful attempt to shut down a gender studies programme was in 2010, after it had failed in 2009.

Do not attempt to use this if you are a high profile MRA/anti-feminist. This is something that has the highest chances of working if there is no attention drawn to the attempt and it’s done as covertly as possible.

The best success rate is when there are no more than 3 people (2 seems to be the golden number) per university trying to achieve this. The people involved need to look like they’re in their 20s. Ideally, a young man and a young woman no older than 25 are the best candidates for doing this.

Hier geht es weiter.

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