Montag, Juli 27, 2015

Lesermail (feministischer Druck auf Spieleindustrie)

Einer meiner Leser schreibt mir:

Ich weiß nicht, wie aufmerksam Du GamerGate noch folgst. Deshalb möchte ich Dich hier auf einen Artikel hinweisen, anscheinend geschrieben von einem "anonymen AAA-Dev", also einem der Entwickler, die an den aufwändigsten Spielen der Industrie arbeitet, und der den zunehmenden feministischen Druck auf die Industrie beschreibt.

Ein paar Auszüge:

"No one cares, notices or remembers all the instances when males get attacked on the internet. When a female is attacked however, it is reported on endlessly, and the motivations for the attacks are always attributed to sexism or other forms of prejudice, regardless of the person attacked or context."

"It’s so ironic that the privileged white rich male [Jack Thompson, der Videospiele aufgrund deren Gewalt verbieten wollte], reputed to be ‘listened to’ by other people due soley to his gender, was completely ignored and mocked industry wide, while the ‘downtrodden female whom no one respects her views due to her gender’ [Anita Sarkeesian] is seemingly celebrated, worshiped and applauded at every turn by the entire industry despite almost complete equivalence of arguments."

"From speaking to several women within the AAA industry, including one in particular who talks at schools about pursuing a career in the games industry, this narrative of women getting attacked for no reason, and the grossly incorrect view that the games industry itself is an actively hostile place for women, or a self-fueled ‘old boys network’, is making the problem WORSE. The number one question being ‘how will I survive in this industry’ despite the games industry generally crying out for female developers, and all of these women reporting their studios making them feel welcome. [...] Worse, the number of resumes for female developers available for AAA studios to hire is going down because of this fabricated perceived hostility they will face, and this is only going to make women less represented in games as time goes on, fewer strong female characters in games."

"However here I am, writing an anonymous blog, terrified at the prospect of these apparently powerless and marginalized people [Feminsten vom Schlag Sarkeesians] rallying the entire games press and thousands of their supporters to tear me down and destroy me (and my colleagues, game and the company I work for getting caught in the splash damage), and yet I’m encouraged to feel like an asshole for suggesting I feel oppressed by these people because I’m a white male who apparently has all the privilege in the universe. No one listens to me. I’ve sold games to millions of people in my career, many of those copies can arguably be directly attributed to my own work, ideas, views, but my views are not ever ever ever expressed in the gaming press. I can’t recall one instance in my 15 year career a news site asked me what I think."

"So thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me, but you’re going too far. WAY TOO FAR. People throw the term ‘Feminazi’ around but as someone who was on the receiving end of a month of constant abuse from gamers and being emotionally fucked up by it, I still find myself much more fearful of attracting the attention of game industry feminists than of gaining more attention from trolls. I still don’t hide beyond anonymity when addressing stuff that may piss off gamers, let’s put it that way. They can throw a few insults on twitter but they can’t destroy my livelihood or throw a label on me that will follow me on google for the rest of my life, for nothing more than disagreeing with them, as I’ve seen them do with various others in the past. This should worry you all if you’re that concerned about oppression in society. But one rule for you, another for the rest of us again."

Man sieht wieder einmal wie sich die feministische Behauptung, Feminismus wäre für die Gleichberechtigung aller Geschlechter, die Weltfriedin und Mamas Apfelkuchin, in der Realität selbst demontiert. Selbst jemand, der sich als "moderat progressive" sieht und nicht für einen Männerrechtler gehalten werden möchte, hat so viel Angst vor der Macht des Feminismus, dass er sich nur anonym traut, seine Gedanken zu veröffentlichen - und würde lieber noch einmal in den Rachen eines Twitter-Hassmobs springen als das Risiko einzugehen, eine Feministin zu verärgern. Und ganz nebenbei hat die feministische Rhetorik auch noch ganz genau den Effekt, den sie dem Patriarchat zuschreibt, und den sie eigentlich bekämpfen will: Frauen aus der Spieleentwicklung herauszuhalten.

Aber so wie ich die Feministen kenne, pfeifen die auf Ursache und Wirkung, substituieren ihre eigene Realität und erzählen dann den dankbar lauschenden Medien, dass es halt an den bösen Machos liegt, dass Frauen der Industrie fernbleiben.

Der Artikel ist in Gänze lesenswert.

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