Dienstag, Mai 19, 2015

"Der Feminismus hat seine Midlife-Krise und sieht nicht gut dabei aus"

Der britische Telgraph bespricht ein neues Buch der Feministin Polly Vernon, das auch prima zur deutschen "Aufschrei"-Debatte passt. Ein Auszug:

Thus, as she approaches middle age (she’s 43, a time society has perhaps unfairly decided when men "mature" and women "age") Vernon claims that feminists have wanted precisely the same things as lecherous middle-aged men all along, only they were too shy to say it.

Namely: lusting after younger sex partners with toned bodies and great bone structures, who don’t want serious conversations about the meaning of life (or death) and, perhaps most importantly of all, wear killer shoes.

(...) The confusion deepens when Vernon tells us the fine line between women being objectified and "day-makingly appreciated" is, quite simply, "how hot is the man who’s looking?" Translation: men can lech after women, but only if the bloke doing the drooling is dishy.

Was natürlich genau das ist, was "Aufschrei"-Kritiker schon immer gesagt haben: Mädels, ihr wollt durchaus von Männern angebaggert werden – ihr würdet es nur dann am liebsten unter Strafe stellen, wenn ihr den entsprechenden Mann nicht heiß genug findet. Erfrischend, wenn das eine Feministin endlich offen ausspricht.

So it appears that growing old disgracefully is the new retrosexual feminist template, even though older men dating younger trophy wives has long been ridiculed by the very same feminists.

But there’s an obvious passion killer: now that "Hot Feminists" have decided they are ready for love, are many men likely to be in the mood? Isn't modern feminism – dismissed by millions of men (and women) as aggressively and increasingly anti-man – the ultimate turn-off?

(...) When I wrote that men are now more objectified then women I was mocked and ridiculed by feminists (of both sexes) but if Vernon speaks honestly, it turns out I was right all along.

Her text is also proof – if ever any were needed – that the myth of the sensitive New Man as a universal solution to female sexual and spiritual contentment was an unmitigated lie.

According to Vernon (and logic), women don’t want genderless beta males who fawn to their needs, then get abandoned down the line for a younger, hotter model. They want well-groomed, toned Alphas with money and power.

Third-wave feminism must have been a myth if it turns out feminists were just like us all along: shallow, vacuous and led by their loins. The only thing feminism’s midlife crisis is missing is a Porsche.

So what's really going on here? Is this feminism reclaiming objectification – in the same way black rappers reclaimed the ’N’ word? Is it now the case that men must not only sit back and soak up objectification, but must also get to the gym, groom and dress to please women, while at the same time ensuring we never find ourselves passing any comment on women that could be interpreted as objectifying them?

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