Mittwoch, März 11, 2015

Nach Lynchjustiz durch indischen Mob: Getöteter offenbar Opfer von Falschbeschuldigung

A latest twist in Dimapur lynching case stunned everyone in the country. Just days after the gruesome death of a rape accused, Nagaland government now claimed that the alleged victim was 'never raped'. The state government on Wednesday, March 11 submitted a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and claimed that the girl was never raped and it was a case of consensual sex.

Hier geht es weiter. Der Indian Express fügt ergänzend hinzu:

In a report to the Home Ministry, the state government said Khan had given a statement to police after his arrest on February 24 that he had paid Rs 5,000 to the alleged rape victim after they had sex twice. According to the report, Khan had also told police that the girl went with him on her free will and had demanded more money from him after the sexual encounters which he had refused. FIR of rape was filed soon after.

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