Montag, Juli 14, 2014

Journalistin fragt: Haben wir jungen Frauen den Feminismus satt?

Die Tumblr-Aktion junger Frauen gegen den Feminismus führte gestern zu einem ersten Artikel darüber. Dessen Autorin befindet:

This Tumblr is not an expression from women that they want to go backwards in time, this is an act against what the modern day feminist has come to represent in society, as the page describes it ‘a toxic culture’.

Young women are actually stepping back and saying ‘is this how we should be treating men?’ and it’s kind of nice.

It’s saying yes we’re grateful that we can vote and get an equal education and equal treatment in the office, but do we need to show off our tampon strings and say horrible things about men all the time, just because we can?

I for one say, probs not. I get it girls, I get it.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Beitrag.

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