Donnerstag, Juni 26, 2014

Am Vorabend der internationalen Männerrechtskonferenz in Detroit

Größer könnte das moralische, politische und wissenschaftliche Gefälle kaum sein. Während das deutsche "Bundesforum Männer" Versammlungen dafür nutzt, Männer und Frauen gegen Männer aufzuhetzen, berichtet Erin Pizzey, Mitbegründerin des ersten modernen Frauenhauses und eine der ersten Tabubrecherinnen, was häusliche Gewalt gegen Männer angeht, auf ihrer Facebookseite, wie es ihr heute so geht:

I am in a wonderfully comfortable suite of rooms at the Detroit conference for men.

David and Susan all the way from England brought me 240 bags of PG tips English tea. How lucky am I?

Today history is being made. Time magazine has just pulled out a major article on domestic violence pointing out the fact that women can be just as cruel and just as violent as men and is probably a family issue and not anything to do with patriarchy.

There will be a very big press meeting at 3 o'clock this afternoon. This is the historic part because there is very serious press representation like time magazine like the Washington Post like GQ for men and television crews plus others will be there to hear the evidence from A VOICE FOR MEN, Paul Elam, Dean Esme and others. As far as I am concerned I know that without the massive assault (yes at times very inflammatory but it needed to be) AVFM made upon the radical feminists powerful stronghold this moment in history would never have come to fruition. I want them to continue the fight to get justice for all the men and fathers who are now homeless without their children, for men who have killed themselves in desperation and for thousands of men who finally are on the streets living rough.

All of you who support us please share and like this report. I will write another report tomorrow so we can all follow what is happening.

My plea is as it always has been: domestic violence is not and never has been a gender issue. Domestic violence I'd and always has been a generational and a family issue. The claim that it is 'the patriarchy' I.e. ALL MEN is a fraudulent claim and billions of dollars has been paid by tax payers across the Western world to destroy marriage, to remove fathers from their children and to create hostile environments for young men on university campuses. Now is the time for retribution.

(Ich habe mir mal erlaubt, in diesem Punkt für die deutsche Männerrechtsbewegung insgesamt zu sprechen, und Erin Pizzey unsere volle Unterstützung und unsere besten Wünsche übermittelt.)


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