Donnerstag, Dezember 31, 2015

"2015 – Das Jahr, als Feministinnen endgültig den Verstand verloren"

In der britischen "Daily Mail" resümiert Sarah Vine die feministische Debatte des vergangenen Jahres:

In universities and college campuses in Britain and the U.S., there are young women who genuinely believe they exist in a pre-feminist climate of institutionalised sexism.

They speak, tweet, act and complain as though they were the victims of the worst patriarchal excesses of the past two millennia and not the most liberated, privileged generation of females to walk this earth.

Such is their lack of self-knowledge and perspective, they revel in casting themselves as victims of rampant gender-based injustice when, in fact, they enjoy lives of ideological luxury compared with most of the planet's female population. In acts of unbridled narcissism, they indulge in irrelevant self-pity and shallow soundbite gender politics, while at the same time ignoring many of the genuine and truly shocking abuses of women around the world.

And like all extremist groups, they hate anyone - male or female - who does not subscribe to their creed. They are intolerant, irrational and entirely without irony.

Instead of taking on the people traffickers who drown the babies of Syrian mothers for profit or mounting furious protests against Islamists who enslave, rape and kill women in their thousands, they tinker around the edges of their own rarefied existence, wailing like spoilt toddlers at the slightest deviation from the kid-gloved treatment they expect.

And 2015 was the year they really threw all their toys out of the pram. The year that feminism, more than at any time in its history, well and truly lost all sense of perspective, purpose - and plot.

Hier geht es weiter.

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