Samstag, August 15, 2015

"Grey rape" – die neueste Form von Vergewaltigung

Ein Trendbegriff in der Rape-Culture-Debatte ist das sogenannte "grey rape". Dabei wird zwar kein Zwang ausgeübt, aber richtig toll ist der Sex auch nicht:

According to John Doe, Jane Doe’s claim of ‘grey rape’ came after Lauren Kozak, the universities Title XI officer, made somewhat controversial statements about rape during a campus talk. Kozak discussed this article entitled "Is it Possible That There Is Something In Between Consensual Sex And Rape . . . And That It Happens To Almost Every Girl Out There?" Expressing that regret over a sexual encounter equals rape, the judge’s ruling states.

According to an article entitled "A New Kind of Date Rape," in the September issue of women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, ‘grey-rape’ is described as "sex that falls somewhere between consent and denial and is even more confusing than date rape because often both parties are unsure of who wanted what."

Im ersten der oben verlinkten Artikel schildert Veronica, eines der Opfer der "grauen Vergewaltigung", was sie erlebte:

Before I even had a chance to decide if he was right, we were making out. In my state of extreme intoxication, my mind was racing in search of a decision. This was exciting. This was fun. But this was also really, really weird, and ultimately, not a road I wanted to go down. (...) He slid inside me and I didn’t say a word. At the time, I didn’t know why. Maybe I didn’t want to feel like I’d led him on. Maybe I didn’t want to disappoint him. Maybe I just didn’t want to deal with the "let’s do it, but no, we shouldn’t" verbal tug-of-war that so often happens before sleeping with someone. It was easier to just do it. (...) I stared at the ceiling the whole time, occasionally flashing him the fake smile reserved for people you accidentally make eye contact with in the grocery store. I don’t think I moved the entire time, and I didn’t care if he noticed. I just wanted it to end, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I just had to suck it up for a few minutes, let him do his thing, and it would be over. When it finally was, he smiled at me, kissed my forehead, and asked how it was.

(...) It happens to us with consistent hookups, first dates, boyfriends, and one-night stands alike. We have sex with guys, because sometimes it’s just easier to do it than to have the argument about not doing it. (...) We’re saying we don’t know what it was. We just didn’t like it. But by refusing to acknowledge the existence of these rape-ish situations, we’re continuing to subject ourselves to them indefinitely.

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