Sonntag, Juni 07, 2015

Weil sie bessere Menschen sind: Island erwägt Parlament ausschließlich aus Frauen

Das Frauen unterdrückende Patriarchat schlägt wieder zu:

Left Green MP Steingrímur J. Sigfússon started by endorsing a suggestion from Independence Party parliamentary chairman Ragnheiður Ríkharðsdóttir for a women-only Icelandic parliament—though Steingrímur’s idea is a little different to the original proposal.

Steingrímur said that there is nothing new in the idea that the world might be a better place if women had more of a say in how it is run, Vísir reports. He pointed to a conference where he put forth the idea that women should be allowed to run the whole world for fifty years in an experiment to see how much better of a place it might become.

"I don’t take Ragnheiður’s idea as a joke and I have a suggestion for how we can begin," Steingrímur told Alþingi. "I propose that we men in parliament give up our seats and let our deputies take our seats. Then any male deputies do the same so that the commemorative parliamentary meeting of Alþingi on 19th June will only be made up of women. That would garner attention a long way from home."

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