Donnerstag, Juni 25, 2015

"Rape Culture ist ein gefährlicher Mythos"

Earlier this month, Lauren Southern, a young Canadian reporter and a political-science student at the University of the Fraser Valley, caused a media storm when she challenged a ‘SlutWalk’ in Vancouver by holding up a placard which said ‘There is no rape culture in the West’. Last week, I talked to Southern about why she decided to speak out.

(...) This bizarre prizing of weakness on the part of contemporary feminists is, Southern explains, down to their refusal to engage in debate on a regular basis. ‘It’s not hard what they do. They go on to a street where everyone agrees with them, wearing their underwear, and get to show off for a day… They don’t surround themselves with people who disagree with them.’ This refusal to engage in debate was evident at the protest itself, with Southern having to climb up on to a plinth to avoid her sign being covered up by angry protesters.

(...) In fact, Southern’s concerns are reflected in the study, which states that ‘students seem less worried about sexual assault than the general public’. Only 12 per cent of the women interviewed for the study felt sexual harassment was a big problem in US universities, compared with 58 per cent of the general public. Clearly, there’s a disjoint between the massaged stats being peddled by feminist campaigners and the reality of these women’s day-to-day lives. While Southern acknowledges that feminist radicals are in the minority, she is concerned that "we live in a society where people will agree with the people who scream the loudest and are the scariest. Right now, we have a feminist hate mob on Twitter, which will harass you and threaten your job."

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