Donnerstag, Juni 25, 2015

Hanna Rosin: "Sex auf dem Campus ist unmöglich geworden"

Noch einmal Hanna Rosin, noch einmal das Magazin "The Atlantic" (gestern erschien die aktuelle Ausgabe), diesmal zum Thema Sex-Paranoia an US-Unis. Das Leben von Studenten könnte heutzutage wunderbar sein – es könnte aber auch so aussehen:

But there is also a chance, alarmingly high these days, that you, Ashley, will wake up full of regret and shame and will eventually get a hysterical e-mail from your mother, who will have seen your distressed post on Facebook and figured out what happened, and will then urge you to go to a counselor’s office, where you will sob and be met with a confusing mix of suspicion and comfort, and then you will somehow, suddenly, find yourself spending nights pouring your heart out to a victims’ support group until your entire identity on campus gets reduced to "survivor."

And you, Tyler, you will also, maybe, wake up feeling a teeny bit of regret, but you won’t think about it all that much until you get a call from a counselor that prompts you, over the weeks and months, to neurotically replay every move: Weren’t we both totally into it? Did she say yes? To the first part or both parts? Were we equally drunk or was she a little drunker, and does it matter, since girl-too-drunk means she couldn’t know what she was doing but boy-too-drunk doesn’t give me the same pass? So you spend the rest of the term wondering: Am I going to be expelled? Is she going to carry around a mattress? Will anyone ever go out with me again?

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